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Learn more about the numerous exciting entertainment events taking place here at Black Spectrum. From theatre and dance to music, we present a wide range of performing arts opportunities.

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Mandela 7 PM Show

Mandela unveils the gripping untold story of Nelson Mandela in a world forever changed by apartheid. Confrontational and uncompromising in their pursuit for freedom of oppression in South Africa, Mandela, Winnie, and The ANC (African National Congress) fearlessly battle enormous odds while maintaining their dignity and compassion. The show depicts highly sensitive subjects, but also evokes laughter and moments of joy. Mandela is a timely, relevant, moving experience for all.


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The Last Block Association

The Last Block Association captures, with realism and humor, the day-to-day drama and issues that most urban block associations face in 21st century America. Enter Pauline, a no-nonsense Black leader with a heart of gold, who struggles to keep her block together despite crime, squabbles, changing demographics, hookups, and mysterious new neighbors.


A Conversation with Millie Jackson

Known for her raw sense of humor and even more crass personality, Millie Jackson is an icon in the R&B genre. Not afraid to speak her mind or tell it like it is, Ms. Jackson continues to set strides for women everywhere with hit songs such as "A Child of God," "All the Way Lover," and "Feelin' Bitchy." A Conversation With Millie Jackson Live & Uncensored! is a tremendous opportunity to enter her world of music, publishing, and where she is now. Check it out!



Twas the Night Before Kwanzaa is an original holiday fantasy play for the entire family about three newly hired African-American elves who find that Santa Claus diverted to Africa to learn about Kwanzaa. Filled with lovable characters, unforgettable songs, and plenty of positive and uplifting messages about the holidays, 'Twas the Night Before Kwanzaa is a must-see.


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